Is now the time to make your Will?

Is now the time to make your Will?

Did you know that over 50% of adults in the UK do not have a Will? Most people know about Wills and what they are but what stops so many of us from putting one in place?

There are so many important reasons why we should all have a Will in place, here are just a few:

  1. Make sure your assets go to the right people. Without a Will the rules of intestacy will decide who receives your estate and that may differ from your actual intentions.
  2. Protecting your home and other hard earned assets.
  3. Protecting an unmarried partner. If you are not married your partner may not receive anything from your estate when you pass away.
  4. Saving your family stress and money. Without a Will your family may need to complete additional forms, undertake family tree research and seek further legal advice.

In addition to this, a will can be much more comprehensive than many people are aware of. You can stipulate when people receive inheritance, you can allow people to have a right to an asset for their life but ensure it passes elsewhere after their death, for example letting a partner live in your home for a stated time frame but not actually ever inheriting. You can state your funeral wishes, make provision for your pets and leave gifts to people or charities.

With all this it is easy to see why putting a Will in place is the right thing to do, so why do so many people put off making their Will?

Talking about death and being unsure how to make a will are the most common reasons we hear as to why someone has not made a will. We understand making your will is not always an easy conversation, but we will always make you feel comfortable talking about it.  We will listen to your wishes, your fears and your needs and advise you appropriately as to how to plan using your will.

One thing universally remains and that is without a Will you have no control what happens to your estate after you pass away and may unintentionally leave family with additional stress or cost to deal with.

Olive Tree Law will give you bespoke, current advice on your will and many other aspects of your future planning in a relaxed and informal setting without obligation or charge. We are able to visit you in the comfort of your own home or meet you virtually via video call.

Customer Testimonial:

“I cannot speak highly enough of this company. Through the most appalling times of COVID-19 they continued to operate. We signed our Wills on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden maintaining safe social distancing & sanitising as we went. Such a modern innovative company. Value for money and no patronising attitudes. I can not recommend them enough”

JA – July 2020

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