Protection and direction
with proper Will Trusts.

Get your assets to the right people with extra
guidance built into your Will. Authorised and
regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority.


Plan for complications and eliminate misunderstandings

Will Trusts are the underpinning details of the Will. The Will determines WHO will inherit WHAT. Will Trusts determine HOW and WHEN.

Time doesn’t stop for everyone else when you leave this plane of existence, and life circumstances will alter after you are gone.

Your kids will grow into adults.

Your partner might remarry.

The family home might get sold.

Will Trusts give your Will a lasting structure, allowing you to dictate how your share of assets will be ultimately distributed.

Have a house you share with a partner?

Children you want to leave your pension to?

Future education you would like to see happen?

An asset you need to protect from a loveable but fundamentally flawed family member?

Life goes on. Let’s make sure that even when you can’t be there, your wishes are ironclad and your family and assets are protected from life’s constant changes with Trusts built into your Will.

Not sure which Will
Trust you need?

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    • Determine at what age a beneficiary will inherit
    • Protect property
    • Protect future inheritances
    • Give guardians access to funds for minors
    • Plan for future care
    • Transfer ownership
    • Keep the peace
    • And a lot more


    Most of the time…no.

    So you don’t own an estate with vast gardens, a stable, and a six-car garage. But you do have a life that needs planning for after you are gone. That is why Will Trusts exist. Tell us what you want for your family in the future, and we will help you protect your assets to see those dreams come true. We aren’t here for your assets. We’re here to help you make sure they end up in the hands you want them to.

    • We had set up wills but we now know how limited those wills were in providing for our children if we were to pass away. All of our questions were answered, everything we needed to consider was explained. The service was so good, I recommended my parents to Olive Tree Law as well.”   – Victoria Mark

    Will Trusts offered by Olive Tree Law


    Make sure that your children would have as normal a childhood as possible if something were to happen to you. You can allow guardians to access your children’s inheritance for predetermined costs (summer camps, school trips, uniforms, sports, etc). Give yourself peace of mind, knowing your children are provided for without financial burden to their guardians.


    While a FAPT does not protect your property from liability for future care costs (see PPT), it does protect it from loss of value due to probate, remarriage, divorce and the occasional mistake of a family member. A consultation will allow us to determine if this type of Trust will help you reach your goals.


    How can you protect your assets from being gobbled up by future care costs? The ONLY permitted way to do this, working within the legal system, is through a Protective Property Trust. This type of Trust can also be used to segregate your estate from the control of a future marriage partner, should your spouse remarry. See More

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