At Olive Tree Law we put your family
first, your “vast fortune” second.

You aren’t a member of the landed gentry. You don’t run an empire of vineyards in Bordeaux. And you are not sitting on the deed to a gold mine. You are just a regular person who wants to make sure your family is taken care of when you can’t anymore. That is what Olive Tree Law cares about too.

Consultative Will Writing

Life gets complex. Your Will doesn’t have to be. Simple language, easy to understand provisions, and always to your standards.

Wills Made Easy

Clear Will Trusts in Planning

Take extra steps in creating your Will to make sure that your assets ultimately end up in the right hands without muddying the waters.

Trusts for Clarity

Lasting Powers
of Attorney

LPAs are the best way to ensure that the person in charge is the person who has your best interests at heart.
LPAs Explained


Executing a Will isn’t easy. That’s why you can pass the burden onto us to make sure that everything goes smoothly and nothing gets missed.
How It Works

Property Trusts

Confused about how to protect your house from being turned into an asset for someone you’ve never met? We don’t blame you.

PPT Explained

Secure Document Storage

All your documents are filed with the appropriate authorities and securely stored for your safety and convenience.

Let’s Talk About It

Trust Registration Service

Did you know all express trusts must now be registered? Don’t miss the deadline and risk a fine!

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