Welcome to Olive Tree Law
The things we spend our
lives caring about also
need ‘planning about’.
Welcome to Olive Tree Law
Here to help you plan and
manage your estate for you
and your family


Your life is happening. Right now.

It’s the reason you haven’t updated (or even started) your Will yet.

There’s your job and the kids…add a dash of pets and parents…
plus school and the house …and then that holiday on the beach to plan…and doctor visits to schedule…plus gardening and moving and road trips…

You’re busy chasing that crazy thing we call happiness.

We are always building on the things we care about.

Life is happening all around us until…it isn’t.

Then what?

We can’t tell you what happens next (just like you, we’re mere mortals). But we can make sure that your wishes are known and legally binding when you are no longer around.

Who looks after the kids if something happens to you? The pets? Your business? What happens to your pension? The bank accounts? Your house? What happens if your partner gets remarried? Or sick? Or you get sick?

It’s time to get your plans and wishes witnessed, signed, and kept safe for the future.

Olive Tree Law will be with you at every stage of the process. We make sure that our clients feel supported, knowledgeable and confident in their decisions before anything is signed.

Then you can go back to living your life, instead of worrying about what happens next.


Tell Us About YouAbout Olive Tree

“A breath of fresh air. They come to an understanding with you instead of talking down to you. We highly recommend working with Olive Tree Law.” -Andy & Angela


Professional. Friendly. Straightforward.

And dead easy to work with.

We listen first, advise second.

Our first step is to understand the whole picture of you and your family. An estate plan isn’t primarily about protecting assets. It’s about protecting your family and their way of life. Our consultative method allows us to give the best advice possible and offer solutions that give you the results you are looking for.

Your place or ours?

Our services are available anywhere in England. It’s easier than ever to get the answers you need to make your estate plan a reality, instead of a “maybe tomorrow”. In your kitchen or in our offices, with the wider use of ZOOM we have been able to expand our services across the nation. We can meet when and where it is convenient for you.

Written by a legally qualified lawyer, not software

Do your best to avoid having your estate plan contested in court by having a qualified professional draft your documents. You don’t need confusing legal jargon muddying up the process, either. We work with you to get the words just right while maintaining legal frameworks that must be in place. These documents are supposed to make things clear once you are gone, not slow things down.


I would recommend you because of your respect for people.

Mrs K Fuller

I would highly recommend your services to all. Exceptional service throughout.


We liked it that you kept us informed at every stage

Karen & David Booker

The right time to make a Will is always the same.


You know...when your mum told you to. Or your uncle.
Or your neighbour who OVERSHARES about the mess they are in because there was no Will.
You've heard the horror stories.
You should have done it when

  • You got a good job.
  • You started your pension.
  • You bought a house.
  • You got married.
  • You had kids.
  • You got a dog.
  • You had a medical scare.
  • You downsized or divorced.


Stop putting your estate plan off until tomorrow, when you know you should have done it ages ago.
With a quick call to Olive Tree Law, you can have a down-to-earth conversation about your family, your assets, and how you want your wishes carried out.
Get your estate plan done and dusted so you can get on with life.

Consultative Will Writing

Life gets complex. Your Will doesn't have to be. Simple language, easy to understand provisions, and always to your standards.

Wills Made Easy

Lasting Powers of Attorney

LPAs are the best way to ensure that the person in charge is the person who has your best interests at heart. Don't think it's all taken care of until you have taken care of it.

LPA's Explained

Clear Will Trusts Planning

Take extra steps within your Will to make sure that your assets ultimately end up in the right hands without muddying the waters.

Trusts for Clarity


Retford local, England wide.

Our offices are in Retford, but we work with clients around England. Whether you come to our offices or we meet on a video conference call, our services are designed to make things easy, understandable, and-dare we say it?-fun.

We hear from our clients over and over again how much they appreciated the advice, the convenience and the consultative approach Olive Tree Law offers. We won't even scold you for not having gotten this done sooner. We are just happy you are doing it now...so is your mum.

Make mum proud by getting your Will and all the other bits taken care of.


Get started now with no obligation, no fees to talk, and no legalese to confuse things.

And then get back to your life!


Lets Get Started


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