Olive Tree Law. Helping
you help your family.

Established to take the pain out of speaking to a legal Professional.


Talk to professionals who don’t talk down to you.

You deserve to be able to plan how your family is taken care of when you’re no longer there for them. You (and your family) don’t deserve to be treated as “less than” simply because you don’t have a law degree.

We cut through the legal jargon and the hard sell by asking ourselves how we would want our mum to be treated when she needs legal advice about …

Wills Trusts
Probate Lasting
Powers of Attorney
Funeral Arrangements

That’s how we treat all of our clients, like family. Because at the end of the day, that is what estate planning is all about, isn’t it?

Planning how to protect what you’ve built with your life.

In the end, we want to make sure that you are not only happy about the service you got from Olive Tree Law, but that you share how easy, fast, and friendly our services are.

Hi, I’m Robynne.

I had worked in several firms over the years. There was always heavy talk around assets, inheritance, taxes, etc. But there wasn’t a lot of discussion around how we approach people with compassion and understanding in our writing process. It wasn’t until I started Olive Tree Law that I was able to create Wills and Trusts that were designed to care for families and lives instead of just assets and estates.

Estate planning isn’t a dreary business. Just the opposite! It gives you the opportunity to reflect on what’s most important to you.

In our experience, that turns out not to be a client’s money, their business, or their property.

What counts most in a life well lived are family and friends. So yes, you can look at estate planning as a way to safeguard your assets. But what this really boils down to is protecting the ones you love from financial distress and making all the practical details easier for them after you’re gone.

That is what we do here at Olive Tree Law. We help you plan for when you can’t be there.

Robynne Casswell

LLB Law Degree – Kingston University

Legal Practice Course – College of Law, York

Hi, I’m Chris.

I am your guide through the Will and Estate planning process at Olive Tree Law. I’ve been working in Trust Law since 2015.

No one wants to sit down in an unfriendly solicitor’s office, be made to feel silly for asking questions, and then be handed documents they don’t understand that will determine their family’s future if the unthinkable happens.

When I teamed up with Robynne to form Olive Tree Law, I knew that we saw the same type of client not getting the help they needed.

I help our clients to cut through the legal jargon. And you never have to worry about feeling “sold to.”

We are advisors who take direction from you.

We help you to find the best way to get what you want.

Chris Revelo

Associate Member of CILEX (ACILEX)

Member of The Society of Will Writers (SWW)

WHAT WE can DO for you

Expert advice without the hassle. Avoid the boring meetings, difficult to understand legal jargon and patronizing explanations.

We help you get what you need to make the right decisions for your family. Without all the faff. Because that is how estate planning should be done.


We liked it that you kept us informed at every stage

Karen & David Booker

Excellent, personal service, explained everything clearly in a way i could understand. 1st class service, friendly, patient and using language terminology that is easy to follow and understand.

Matthew Webb

Straightforward, helpful, no hassle, efficient.

J Banister


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